Cutting Edge Science and Technology

The home to world class innovation in research, energy and engineering, Norfolk has huge opportunities on offer for young people and families moving to the County.

Norwich Research Park is one of Europe’s leading centres for research in food, health and the environment, underpinned by its research strengths in plant and microbial sciences, diet and nutrition, bio-medicine and pharmacy, chemistry and social and computing sciences.  Scientists, clinicians and entrepreneurs are working together to tackle the major challenges facing all of us in the 21st Century.

Norfolk is also a major energy hub for the entire UK.  For over 40 years, Norfolk has been the centre of the Southern North Sea production of oil and gas and it has now become a centre for the offshore renewables industry.  Companies such as Perenco, Aquaterra Energy and Acteon are exporting their innovation and knowledge around the world.

The County is also home to a powerhouse of engineering excellence with an impressive pool of skills and expertise across the whole range of engineering disciplines.  Over 1000 engineering companies enjoy a highly-skilled workforce of around 10,000 who enjoy Norfolk’s lifestyle.  Norfolk companies are able to attract and retain qualified engineers because of the high levels of innovation and invention; the support networks in the County; and the quality of family life.  Norfolk engineering companies trade around the world with organisations like Boeing, Airbus, NASA, Toyota and Lockheed.

Lotus are developing the next generation of high performance cars using renewable energies as well as being the catalyst for a large cluster of advanced automotive engineering businesses.  Almost every Formula One team is supported by engineers based in Norfolk or uses engineering invested in the County.