Useful tips to help you find the job you deserve.

Welcome to Education Job Finder – we hope you find our site useful and easy to use.  Below are a few tips to help you on your journey to finding your perfect new job!

Use our simple search filters to help refine the results you see.  The search filters are all optional.  You can choose to use all, some or none of them to refine your search.  If you do not choose any of the search options, clicking on the pink “search” button will display all current vacancies held on the site.

Job title or keyword

Use this to refine the search results that suit you.  For example, if you are only interested in posts teaching mathematics, try adding mathematics as a key word.


Tick any of the boxes that are applicable to your search, you can select either one option or make multiple choices.

  •  Leadership –this covers all job vacancies within the leadership role, so that’s Headteachers, Deputy and Assistant Heads, Principals and Vice Principals, as well as county wide advisory roles.
  • Teaching – this covers all teaching vacancies, so whether you are looking for your first NQT role or to further your career as a Head of Department select this option
  • Teaching Assistant role – select this option if you are looking for a role primarily based in the classroom supporting pupil learning or welfare, e.g. Teaching Assistant or Cover Supervisor
  • Admin, Site and Other roles – if you are looking for a role that helps keep an establishment running smoothly outside the classroom, then please choose this option.  Your search will return roles as diverse as school secretaries, business managers, midday supervisory assistants, examination officers, catering staff and site managers

Job Type

This is the employment basis of the post advertised, i.e. if you are only interested in applying for permanent positions then select permanent, but to see all available job types just leave the box blank.

Job Time

This filters whether you want to work on a full-time, part time or casual basis, if you don’t mind then leave the box blank.

Location search

Enter the postcode, town or city where you would like to work.  Please be sure to confirm location by selecting from the pop up list.  Refine your search further by selecting how many miles from your chosen location you would be willing to travel to work.  Leave the location field blank if you have no geographical limit on where you want to work.

Click on the pink “search” bar to display the results.

Vacancies will be displayed in order of the date they were loaded to he site with the most recent addition showing first.  Any recently added vacancies can be easily identified by their “New” tag.

Search results will be displayed as a list.  Click on any individual advert that you would like to know more about and the full vacancy information page will display.  To the left you will find summary information and a map showing the location of the vacancy.  If any documents are available that relate to the vacancy, this will be listed here.

To apply for a vacancy, click on the orange “Apply for job” button.  This will either open an online application form, take you to a downloadable application form, or redirect you to the recruiter’s website where full details of how to apply will be available.  Alternatively, if you wish to return to your search, click on either the pink “Back to job search” buttons.

Please note that we are working on some enhancements to the search functions on the site to optimise the user experience.  As we make changes, we will update this page.