Newly qualified teachers

Whichever school you spend your NQT year in, you will have a personalised programme of guidance and support throughout what can be a tough but exciting time.  The induction is a period of supported development, building on what has already been learned during initial teacher training.  The induction incorporates:

  • a personalised programme of professional development and support
  • an assessment against the Teachers’ Standards
  • In addition to individual programmes of professional development, NQTs receive:
  • a 10% reduction on their teaching timetable to give time to develop teaching skills, in addition to the statutory 10% planning, preparation and assessment time.
  • Support from an induction tutor
  • Regular reviews of their progress and formal discussions at the end of each term with their tutor and/or headteacher.

Many schools take advantage of NQT Appropriate Body support from Educator Solutions to ensure their NQTs receive a robust programme of support during their initial year.

Recently qualified teachers

Though the formal NQT induction year is complete, the support doesn’t just stop. You will still receive support from colleagues at school and access the professional development opportunities within school and beyond.  Any professional development should always be personalised to the individual – you may be keen to consolidate high impact strategies in the classroom, interested in getting involved in some action research or starting to think about moving into leadership – and all Norfolk schools work with colleagues to make sure that your development pathway is right for you and for the students in the school.

Some schools also offer formal programmes for recently qualified teachers (sometimes called NQT+1 or 2), often through Norfolk’s Teaching Schools.  These programmes allow you to continue to work with peers beyond the school, as you did during your ITT and NQT years, on consolidating excellent classroom practice and developing your leadership of teaching and learning.


Beyond the excellent support offered for professional development there is also support available through the Teacher Unions.  Many hold regular social events so that you can continue to mix with other teachers beyond your school, which is perhaps particularly important if you work in a small school.

Financial support is also available, though with house prices very reasonable compared to many parts of the country you may find that finances are less squeezed. It may be useful to visit the ‘Help to Buy’ website

Many Norfolk schools also offer an interest-free loan of up to £2,000 in the first month’s salary to new staff, which is then repaid back over the following 20 months.