Inspiration Trust

Inspiration Trust

Welcome to Inspiration Trust

Inspiration Trust is a multi-academy trust based in Norfolk and north Suffolk. We support a family of 18 academies, train more than 40 teachers a year and offer continuing professional development (CPD) courses to teachers across the region. We also spearhead Inspiration Teaching School and Angles Maths Hub. 

We believe that every child deserves an excellent education. Our family of schools collaborate, support and innovate to give every child the best start in life. We’re proudly committed to improving the standards of education in the East of England.

We care about every child that comes through our school gates, our staff, families and wider community.

We share our knowledge, ideas and expertise locally and nationally. Our teachers and leaders can benefit from our CPD programme and inspire the next generation of teachers through Inspiration Teacher Training.

We dare to do more for our children. We believe in a knowledge-rich curriculum combined with cultural opportunities, sports, music and enrichment. We’re proud to support schools in some of the region’s most disadvantaged areas – we believe every child can succeed.

The Trust is committed to ensuring every child has the best education possible. We are a family of schools – sharing, learning and collaboration is at the heart of what we do.

Our vision ….

  • To be the highest performing Trust in the country – to achieve our goal of every child receiving an excellent education.
  • To be a model of best practice for inclusion for all pupils, particularly for our most vulnerable and disadvantaged students. 
  • To have exceptional pedagogy and curriculum in all our schools. 
  • To be an employer of choice in the Eastern region for teachers, leaders and business support staff.
  • To be the first choice for parents in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our principles ….

Principle one – routines and preparation for adulthood

We use routines to make school efficient and increase learning time. But, we ensure that over time this scaffolding is removed to prepare children for the independence of adulthood.

Principle two – social norms

We raise our children to be comfortable in the social norms of most workplaces. But, we think hard about where those norms may not feel inclusive; we want our children to feel welcome.

Principle three – powerful knowledge

We teach powerful knowledge so that children can understand, access and influence our society. But, we also teach critiques of this knowledge – to give our children an edge and show them that a canon is always up for debate.

Principle four – thinking

We guide learning carefully to ensure all children can access the curriculum and know it. But, we also challenge children to apply their thinking to complex problems to strengthen their intellectual resilience.

Principle five – teaching behaviour 

We have rules and systems to ensure good behaviour so that all children can learn, disruption free. But, we realise that behaviour needs to be taught, and some children need more support to reach that standard than others.