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Evolution Academy Trust

We are  a specialist Primary Trust based in East Anglia with 1 Primary Schools as members.

Our Vision is for every child in our care to leave our academies having developed their skills and knowledge to their fullest potential through exceptional teaching and curriculum, which value the uniqueness of the child and the academy. Through high aspirations and exceptional teaching and leadership, our children will thrive and be confident in their own abilities and know that they are capable of achieving anything they aspire to.


Our Purpose as a trust is to support our academies by:

  • Providing exceptional support for all areas of school improvement to ensure high aspirations for every learner are challenged and improved.
  • Providing services to schools to support inclusion including access to high level advice and support for individual schools: educational psychologists, speech and language specialists, ASD support and Behavioural Services.
  • Providing a unique offer of professional development which challenges every group of staff to aim higher by delivering programmes of training from world class facilitators towards a goal tailored for each individual.
  • Providing efficient business support and functions for our schools and significant savings by centralised purchasing and services.
  • Providing a collaborative community of learners where self and group improvement is key and research is central to ensuring our trust is at the forefront of educational thinking.

Our Key Values which every member of our trust supports are:

  • An understanding that we have the ability to profoundly change children’s lives.
  • An understanding that everyone is accountable to ensure that aspirations and expectations are high for every unique child in our care. Everyone has a responsibility to positively and passionately advocate for every child in our care.
  • A personal commitment to self-evaluation and self-improvement for themselves and others.

We provide an extensive calendar of training for all schools and bespoke training and support for individual schools. We are currently working with partners to allow us to provide a unique offer of training accredited by a Higher Education Institute and have imminent plans to open a specialist resource and training centre in Norwich for our schools. We provide free access to the NPQML and NPQSL and NQT training currently accredited by the Eastern Leadership Centre.

We are undertaking several research projects currently which are creating a wave of excitement across our school communities and intend to continue this investment in research allowing us to be at the centre of exciting developments in education.

We believe that every school is unique. We believe that every school is part of a unique community. Our schools all have their own character and approaches and whilst these are successful we will support these and learn from each other.

I work for Evolution Academy Trust ....

I have worked at my school within Evolution Academy Trust for 4 years and can honestly say that the support that we get from the trust is second to none. There is a clear focus on children and the trust does everything they can to allow us to do our job without any extra pressures. We often work with the other schools and we get lots of opportunities to train and develop. I am really happy here.

Year 4 teacher and English Leader – Evolution Academy Trust.

Members of Evolution Academy Trust

Address: Suite 1, Keswick Hall, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 6TJ
Telephone: 01603 981210
Type: Multi Academy Trust
Phase: Primary
Age Group: 4 - 11 years