Headteacher Recruitment Support

The appointment of a new leader is potentially the most significant single activity a governing board will undertake.  This package provides a good balance of advice and support to allow the recruiting body to personalise their requirements, design a process and then undertake selection, knowing they have specialists guiding them throughout.

The package delivers:-

  • A qualified and experienced HR Consultant as Recruitment Support Lead to guide throughout the recruitment and selection process
  • For maintained schools, an experienced Local Authority Adviser, supporting governors through challenge and professional support
  • Access to a detailed toolkit with details of the recruitment process and example programmes, interview questions and selection of activities which can be adapted for your own school
  • Support with recruitment advertising plus listing of vacancy on the Education Job Finder jobs board
  • Supported management of applications through a candidate management system, allowing online applications from potential candidates and reference requests
  • Guidance and support on compliance with regulations and safer recruitment statutory guidance

For more information, contact the HR Advice and Support team on 01603 307760 or at EHRenquiries@norfolk.gov.uk