Featured Job

What’s involved?

“Featured Job” means placement of the advert on Education Job Finder in the Featured Job box which appears on the Home Page of the Education Job Finder site.  This is in addition to standard listing.  Featured jobs are also promoted through the Education Job Finder Facebook page and the Educator Solutions Twitter feed.

When is it available?

We have up to five “Featured Job” slots at any one time, displaying in an automatic carousel.

Slot are sold for week long periods (late morning Monday to late morning on the following Monday).  They are offered on a first come, first served basis.

A recruiting organisation can reserve a slot in advance but, once reserved, it will be the responsibility of that organisation to ensure the Instruction to Advertise is submitted by 4pm on the preceding Thursday.

The start and end date will change when a start or end date is a Bank Holiday.

How much does it cost?

A week long slot will initially be priced at £100 unless otherwise agreed (for example where Bank Holidays impact on the slot) but discounts apply to customers buying HR A, B or F subscription from us.  HR A customers pay £50 for a featured job slot, HR B and F customers pay £75.  This payment will be in addition to any other costs paid in respect of the standard listing.  Charging will be managed through SLA Online on a monthly basis.

The recruiting organisation will be required to pay the fee for the slot whether or not they subsequently submit their Instruction to Advertise.  If the recruiting organisation is unable to submit their Instruction to Advertise by the preceding Thursday at 4pm, the slot will be held (empty) until they do submit at which time their vacancy will be added (in line with the normal 2 working days timescale) but it will only ever run until late morning on the following Monday.  If a slot is booked and subsequently cancelled, payment will still be required by the recruiting organisation unless we are able to fill the slot with another customer.

How do we book a slot?

Enquiries about the availability of a Featured Job slot should be sent to the educationjobfinder@norfolk.gov.uk mailbox.  Please include “Featured Job” in the title of your e-mail.

Allocation of slots will be managed on a first come, first served basis in light of the date and time the e-mail enquiry is received in the mailbox.